2nd “Meet the Pros” lecture featuring Kurt Bielema

“MEET THE PROS” is a lecture series featuring local heroes from the Champaign-Urbana creative community.

On Wendesday, Oct 26 you’ll have the chance to meet Kurt Bielema – local freelancer and all-around great guy.

Kurt runs Single Stereo (http://singlestereo.com/), a studio of one in Urbana specializing in creative direction for web, print, and exhibit design. His talk will be held in room C118 at the campus and is open to the public. Kurt will discuss how relying on creative skills throughout his life has helped him “navigate the dynamic career of a design professional.” More info: http://gds.parkland.edu/pros/

Wed, Oct 26 2011
Parkland College, room C118
2400 W. Bradley Ave.
Champaign, IL