Announcing the Maker’s March 2016

The Maker’s March: Create prints for CUDO’S abCU: An Exhibition of Typographic Forms 2016!

abCU:An Exhibition of Typographic Forms 2016 is CUDO’s seventh annual typography exhibit and fundraiser! Through letters, punctuation, symbols, phrases, and quotes — local artists and designers will showcase their individuality and cultural experiences. Identity is dynamic and we intend to explore its complexities.

CUDO has teamed up with Fresh Press, Weiskamp Screen Printing and Lola’s Brush to create original artwork for the much anticipated abCU show, a part of 40 North’s Boneyard Arts Festival.

Have you ever wished that you could donate a piece of artwork to the abCU show without having to give up your one-of-a-kind piece? If so, then you’ll be particularly excited about being able to walk away from these workshops with multiple prints. You’ll learn from the experts and be surrounded by other art enthusiasts. And did we mention that you’ll have a blast?


Fresh Press Workshop:
Saturday, March 121:00–4:00 

Weiskamp Screen Printing Workshop:
Saturday,March 19, 10:00–2:00

Lola’s Brush Workshop:
Saturday,March 26, 9:00–3:00