Mobile Game Artist – Contract :: Little Ghost Games

Contract artist for an upcoming mobile game called Martian Mixer.

The Game
Martian Mixer is a 2D puzzle game that has the player mixing up colorful little aliens to excite them and throw a killer party. The game has a subtle, pro-diversity message. The game is functionally complete, and I am now focusing on making it look great.

Looking For
A digital artist with a simple, colorful, cute, charming style. Artist must be able to take direction well and adapt their art to deliver critical information to the player. Game art experience is a plus, animation experience is a plus.

The project will be separated into milestones. Payment for each milestone will be negotiated upfront and paid upon completion of each milestone.

The time commitment will be at least 10 hours a week until all the assets are complete. I’m estimating this will be by the end of May at the latest.

If interested, please email me at moc.semagtsohgelttilnull@semaj introducing yourself and linking a portfolio of work. If you are interested but unsure feel free to reach out and we can see if there is a good fit. I am very excited about this game and can’t wait for someone to make it beautiful 🙂