ABCU 2011


Friday, April 8, 2011 at 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Cream & Flutter

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As part of the Boneyard Arts Festival, CUDO is putting on a collaborative showcase of letterforms crafted by artists, designers, and anyone with a love for typography.

This year’s fundraiser will feature more than 100 unique letters, symbols, and punctuation, including favorites like the comma, ampersand, exclamation mark, and more! The format has been expanded this year to include all forms of mixed media, so each letterform is truly one of a kind.

Friday, April 8, 2011
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Cakes on Walnut
114 N Walnut St, Champaign IL

RSVP on the Facebook event page. For more updates, follow us on Twitter @abCU_Show and use the hashtag #abCU. Make sure to stop by for a live performance by Ryan Groff of Elsinore!

April 1st :: Artwork due
April 3rd :: Installation
April 8th :: Opening Reception at Cakes on Walnut!
April 7–10th :: Boneyard Arts Festival

A warm CUDO thank you to our 85 participating artists who have graciously set aside time to donate art for the show. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Barry Abrams

uppercase B

Isaac Arms

Matt Barnes
pound sign

Warren Bensken
right curly bracket

Eric Benson

Monica Betel
lowercase s, three,
british pound

Kurt Bielema
inverted exclamation

Tanya Boonroueng

Levi Borreson
lowercase y

Sean Brice
lowercase t

Maya Bruck
lowercase r

Agatha Budys
right chevron

Garrett Campagna
uppercase U

Lisa Cerezo
uppercase P

Jason Cerezo
lowercase h

Diane Cheung

Caroline Corboy
left curly bracket, right square bracket

Kevin Coulton
(Doomlaser, LLC)
pi, almost equals, square root

Jennifer Davis
uppercase J

Jeremy Davis
section sign

Lori Davis

Sarah Davis
left and right parentheses

Katy Dondzila
lowercase f

Lauren Ferguson

Giovanni Ferranti
commercial at

William Gillespie
right quotation mark

Heather Gillett
uppercase N
Carle Foundation Hospital

Megan Gillette
uppercase O

Daniel Goscha
lowercase g

Laurie Goscha
lowercase j

Lisa Hammershaimb
uppercase G

Matthew Harlan

Kathryn Hazen
lowercase d

Karen Hewitt (Books2Eat)
uppercase W

Jon Huff
uppercase V

John Jennings
uppercase D

Libby Kacich
uppercase L

Elizabeth Keane

Claire Keating

Kamil Kecki
four, comma

Megan Klazura

Chad Kouri
lowercase n

Sarah Kowalis

Chris & Anne Lukeman

Louis Lee
em dash

Jimmy Luu

Katie Martin
lowercase k, uppercase C, lowercase c

Miriam Martincic
lowercase i, uppercase R

Jason Mcaloon
lowercase u, double dagger

Martin McGougan
uppercase I, uppercase E

Susan McKenna
uppercase S, uppercase K

Darren McPherson

Dana Meek
uppercase Z, lowercase o, lowercase e

Maurice Meilleur
lowercase x, uppercase X

Will Miller
ampersand, US dollar

Isaac Mitchell (Happie Bot design)
uppercase F, 5

Michael Morgan
lowercase b, less/greater than

Annie Mui
lowercase p

Adam Muran
lowercase q

Andrew Nguyen
left chevron

Ha-Tien Nguyen

Jill Nickell
uppercase Y, uppercase T

Annaka Olsen
uppercase A

Victoria Pater
asterix, cent

Chris Perardi
registered trademark

Dan Peterson
dagger, bullet, lozenge

Jay Peterson

Molly Poganski
interrobang, lowercase m, lowercase z

JP Ramirez
asterism, trademark

Kelli Roos
uppercase H

Gail Rost
question mark

Brandon Satterfield
(beesknees design)
lowercase a

Erin Schmitz

Cristy Scoggins
right quotation mark

Molly Scott
left bracket

Megan Severson
lowercase w

Miranda Singler
ditto mark

Evelyn Shapiro
unequal sign

Elizabeth Simpson
uppercase Q, tilda

Sam Snyder
plus, six

Max Thompson (MMAFTdesigns)
uppercase M, yen

Cassandra Tu

Anastasia Tumanova

Sylvia Uhl

Brent Wagner
lowercase v

Kristie Weaver
lowercase l

Lesley Wells-Lewis

Ashley Whittaker
reference mark

Madelin Woods
upside-down question mark, copyright

For full details on format and submitting artwork, reference the abCU submissions form (PDF).

abCU is CUDO’s major fundraiser for the year, so this is your chance to support what we’re doing in the community!

30% of the proceeds will go to the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation (CUSF), which helps fund public education in Champaign and Urbana. Any unsold artwork will be displayed on April 12th at Indi Go’d Gallery’s “Creative Re-use Art Celebration and Benefit Show”, proceeds benefiting CUSF.

Produced with the support of the I.D.E.A. Store, our hosts at Cakes on Walnut, and Weiskamp Screen Printing.

We look forward to seeing you there!